TJX Distribution Center IT Supervisor - Worcester MA in Massachusetts

D/C IT Supervisor - Exempt


JOB TITLE:D/C IT Supervisor


DIVISION:Distribution Services


Oversees and manages all systems activities within the Distribution Center. Manages the computer

operations, Data Center activities, system upgrades and enhancements as well as ongoing maintenance.

Supervises the clerical staff involved in daily data entry. Manages equipment inventory and coordinates

software and hardware installations.


Major Areas of Responsibility

Supervises all activities and personnel in the Data Center. Oversees ticket and distribution printing

processes, output matching, report delivery, equipment maintenance and reporting.

Oversees all Systems Support activities including, but are not limited to, SCAN warehouse

management system, Sortation Systems, Voice Systems and Labor Management Systems.

Manages the timely reporting, escalation and resolution of all system related issues. Manages the

coordination of implementations of all systems changes, new software and fixes. Communicates

recommendations and changes to DC Management.

Manages the maintenance of all hardware in the Distribution Center including tracking, reporting

and resolving network and equipment related issues. Monitors the ongoing maintenance and

inventory of all system related equipment. Works with software and equipment vendors when

required. Coordinates DC systems activities related to software and hardware installations and

basic network set-up.

Participates in system related projects coordinated by Home Office. Oversees system and

technical training on all DC systems. Recommends systems changes to support the Distribution

Center operation.

Performs other duties as directed.


Specify the measure and size of this job’s financial responsibility (e.g., $100,000 payroll budget,

$8,000,000 sales volume).

Responsible for $4-500,000 payroll budget of all Distribution Systems personnel. Additionally, manages

budget for services and contractors.


Describe the kinds of decisions made by the incumbent (e.g., hire/fire, technical decisions,

markdowns, merchandise pricing/selection). Also, specify what recommendations are referred to

the next level of management or others for approval.

In coordination with the Manager of D/C Finance/IT, hires, trains, reviews and terminates associates

Oversees all computer systems related to D/C production and staff support

Provides recommendations relative to new software and equipment based on input from Distribution

Center and Home Office staff


Minimum formal education, if any, required to perform this job e.g., Bachelor's Degree in

Accounting, Law Degree).

BS or BA College degree in Business or related field

Minimum job skills required to perform this job (for example: programming languages, strong

interpersonal skills, computer software packages).

Understands relationships and interfaces between systems and platforms

Requires excellent communication skills

Ability to communicate changes to management, peers, and subordinates

Understand the Databases used in all systems

Supervisory experience with networks and problem solving

Solid verbal and written communication skills

Ability to work flexible hours including nights and weekends

Ability to travel

Minimum experience required to perform this job.

4-6 years management experience in a systems related environment, preferably a Distribution network

List specific jobs which could prepare an individual for this job.

Project manager in a systems organization that focused on Distribution systems and networks

Distribution Center Application Analyst