Manpower Group Packer in Santa Clara, California


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Selects, fabricates, salvages and packages products.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

· Inspects, selects, packages and labels products according to specifications.

· Operates semi-automatic and automatic packaging equipment (including but not limited to, baggers, rebagger, reclaim machines, stretch wrap, etc.).

· Operates, cleans and adjusts in-line BRU tape machines.

· Performs packaging operations (including but not limited to, loading batt packages into unitizer, placing sleeve on unitizer snout, stacking stretch wrappers, etc.).

· Salvages, reconditions, and feeds offware into reclaim.

· Collects, segregates and disposes of off-quality material, scrap, recyclable materials, and other debris. Operates baler and removes bales.

· Re-piles, re-labels and/or repacks finished goods.

· Assists in start-up and/or set-up of packing equipment.

· Clears jams and removes any materials that may cause safety hazards.

· Checks packaging quality. Notifies the appropriate personnel of out of specification packaging and rejects same.

· Operates material handling equipment (including, but not limited to, fork, clamp, etc.) as required. Performs operator inspection of fork lift on each shift; checks fluid levels and various fork lift component systems for malfunctions; replenishes fuel and fluid. Completes daily vehicle inspection forms.

· Procures and maintains supply of direct/packaging materials at work stations.

· Notifies appropriate personnel of any equipment or quality problems and takes corrective action within the scope of the job.

· Operates and makes simple adjustments to packaging equipment.

· Participates in the safety, continuous improvement, communication process, and good housekeeping programs as established within the plant.

· Performs other related duties consistent with the nature of the job as directed by supervision.

· Assists in oven cleanouts, rebuilds and other downtimes.


The employee should hold the following abilities:

· Understand the plant safety guidelines and pass all required safety training.

· Must be able to read, write, and speak English

· Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions

· Must have the ability to do basic mathematical calculations

· Must be able to conduct simple mechanical tests

· Troubleshooting equipment and conceptualize equipment

· Know and understand how to read SAP.

· Must be able to secure and maintain fork lift drivers license

· Must be able to work independently

· Must work well in team environment

· Must possess strong communication and organizational skills

· Must have strong internal and external customer service skills

· Must have the ability to multi-task


The employee must be able to:

· Operate a computer or other keyboard instrument, to include touch screens.


The employee should have the following:

· Minimum high school diploma or equivalent is required

· Two years related experience and/or training in an industrial environment or a technical certificate/manufacturing

· Proof of legal authorization to work in the United States

· Must be 18 years or older

· Must be drug and alcohol free


The employee should possess the ability to:

· Outstanding attendance on site and the ability to work varying or rotating shifts

· Wearing respirator protection - frequently

· Exposure to hot/cold temperature- continuously

· Exposure to noise- continuously

· Lifting/carrying/moving up to 50 pounds

· Sitting- frequently

· Standing- continuously

· Twisting and Bending - continuously

· Walking - frequently

· Hand/Eye Coordination- continuously



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